Friday, December 4, 2009

jni4net version 0.5 released

Second public release of jni4net is out. New features are:
  • Simplified proxygen to wrap all classes in DLL or JAR file from command-line, without time spent on config file. It as well provides very simplistic build.cmd. I will write another article about proxygen soon, till then look at new samples.
  • Ported java.nio.ByteBuffer to .NET, so you could share same byte array in both VMs. You are able to use BinaryWriter in .NET as well, but same byte order and interface is more convenient.
  • There are new Adapt.Enumeration and Adapt.Disposable methods on CLR side. They are convenience adapters from corresponding Java interfaces.
    foreach (var prop in Adapt.Enumeration(javaSystemProperties.keys()))
    using (var fis = Adapt.Disposable(new FileInputStream(classPath)))
        using (var zis = Adapt.Disposable(new ZipInputStream(fis.Real)))
            ZipEntry entry = zis.Real.getNextEntry();
            while (entry!=null)
                string name = entry.getName();
                entry = zis.Real.getNextEntry();
  • Improved proxygen code generator
  • Few minor bugfixes
  • New troubleshooter page
Download there

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Sperry said...

Great work!

I've made this google square while searching for java-dotnet interoperability:

I am still looking for more packages.
It hard to find information about libraries like jni4net.

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