Sunday, January 24, 2010

jni4net version 0.6 released

  • Implemented out and ref parameter from C#
  • DateTime.TryParse has second parameter 'out'. This is how to use it from Java:
    Out<DateTime> dt=new Out<DateTime>();
    if (DateTime.TryParse("2009-08-28",dt)){

  • Improved proxygen to not generate virtual method overrides
  • Eliminated lot of warnings in generated code
  • Strongly typed JNI references (this is breaking change, please regenerate your proxies)
  • Sun specific DirectBufferCleaner, which holds the reference to pinned buffer
  • Native methods unregistration when appdomain unloads
  • Switched off signed .jar, because it prevents other people generating (unsigned) proxies into same packages. For example java.util_
  • Possibility to specify alternate classloader
  • Declarative security for running in partially trusted environments
  • JVM exceptions are serializable for CLR binary serialization
Download there

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Robocode .NET - alpha bits

I'm proud to present working version of .NET Robocode for community testing. It took me almost exactly 2 years.


  • make sure you have .NET framework >= 2.0 installed on your windows box
  • backup your robocode home

Install and start


  • start your Visual Studio
  • open robots/samplescs/samplescs.csproj
  • or create project new and reference robocode.dll from libs\ (Robot API for .NET)
  • and code your own .NET robot :-D
Please try it and say what you think !

Known gaps

  • Robot API xml documentation is not yet ready
  • IGraphics/onPaint have just simple operations implemented
  • Robot could create unlimited threads, (but could not cause any harm to your computer)
  • jni4net 0.6 was not released public yet
  • Few unit tests still fail

These binaries above are 1.7.3, but that was just working number. We will merge it to trunk and release as 1.7.2 probably. Sources are in trunk already.