Sunday, January 24, 2010

jni4net version 0.6 released

  • Implemented out and ref parameter from C#
  • DateTime.TryParse has second parameter 'out'. This is how to use it from Java:
    Out<DateTime> dt=new Out<DateTime>();
    if (DateTime.TryParse("2009-08-28",dt)){

  • Improved proxygen to not generate virtual method overrides
  • Eliminated lot of warnings in generated code
  • Strongly typed JNI references (this is breaking change, please regenerate your proxies)
  • Sun specific DirectBufferCleaner, which holds the reference to pinned buffer
  • Native methods unregistration when appdomain unloads
  • Switched off signed .jar, because it prevents other people generating (unsigned) proxies into same packages. For example java.util_
  • Possibility to specify alternate classloader
  • Declarative security for running in partially trusted environments
  • JVM exceptions are serializable for CLR binary serialization
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