Saturday, March 15, 2008

Silverlight 2.0 update for Tribute to Ant Attack

I've updated my Tribute to Ant Attack for Silverlight 2.0 beta. Did some cleanup, but no new features were created this time.


Carlos said...

Sorry, but your Ant Attack doesn't work with the new version of silverlight.

I'm thinking in write a port of AA for Flash AS3.

Keep in touch.


berushka said...

I try it now, but Microsoft tell me, that this version of SIlverlight is no more available and I have to install Silverlight 2. But I have installed latest version, but your Ant Attack still not run. Will you rebuild it? Thanks.

Pavel Šavara said...

Guys, sorry about that. It was done for beta version and it is broken again in 2.0. I'm bit busy now, so it will take me at least few weeks till I get to fix it.

Pavel Šavara said...

Hopefully fixed for 2.0 final. Let me know if it is still broken.